CCI Webdeisgn is part of ClimeCo International, a renewable power company. CCI Webdesign develops & builds professional websites for SMEs at an affordable price. In 2017 every company, from the smallest ice-cream truck to the largest multi-national, needs a website. Despite the advances of social networks, a professional website remains the primary online representation of every business.

Individual Designs

Complete Packages

Make yourself heard & seen


CCI designs websites individually for each customer. In a time when generic CMS-based websites (Wordpress, Drupal, etc) look all interchangeable, CCI builds individual sites based on a SME's corporate identity at an affordable price.

We start with a draft in MS Powerpoint, agree the new design with the customer and then implement exactly this draft according to the latest standards in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


CCI builds websites embedded in complete corporate identity (CI) packages, including

This offers SMEs the possibility to develop their CI at an affordable price.


Like any product, a website is only as good as its distribution. While mouth-to-mouth recommendations may be the right marketing strategy for your product, search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) are the best way to find your business on the web.

Therefore, CCI offers search engine optimized (SEO) designs, based on the right key words for your business.