ClimeCo International (CCI) develops renewable energy projects based on optimized anaerobic digestion of agro-industrial waste. In our high-tech industrial reactors bacteria convert organic matter into BioGas, a renewable source of base-load energy. BioGas is a combustible mixture of CH4 (methane/natural gas) and CO2 (carbon dioxide) with a total energy content of 6kWh per m3.

Best Technology, Exclusive License

Industrial Quality & Low Cost/kWh

Sustainable Development


CCI uses the best available technologies for agro-industrial BioGas projects under exclusive licenses for Latin America.
Our proprietary 2-phase BioGas process, with continuous mixing & temperature control, achieves the highest possible yields in BioGas conversion.


CCI designs and builds BioGas systems in industrial-grade quality for a


CCI enables agro-industrial producers to convert their organic waste into valuable resources, primarily